Australian customs clearance procedures

Australian Customs and Border Protection manages customs to facilitate the transboundary movement of legal goods. Whether you are importing goods or sending them out, there is a list of tasks and documents that need to be completed. Any personal and commercial shipments worth more than US$1,000 must be declared to the customs to find out the applicable tariff and consumption tax rates. Depending on the nature of the goods, importers may also need to obtain a license to remove certain imported goods from customs control.

We will serve you, using a professional customs clearance agent to handle all documents, you can safely conduct daily business under the premise of complying with all legal procedures, and all imported and exported goods will arrive at their destination on time.


The laws governing imports of goods into Australia are very complicated, and incorrect entry into the customs list may have potentially serious financial and time implications. Therefore, most commercial importers choose to hire licensed customs clearance agents to act on their behalf.

As a customs agent specializing in international commercial cargo clearance, we handle cargo such as vehicles, industrial machinery, ships, and commodities. 3SIXTY5 FREIGHT AND CUSTOMS is a well-known import broker in Australia. We are specialised in clearing Human consumption foods throughout Australia.

Whether you are importing containers full of cargo, LCL or air freight, we are here to assist you in customs clearance procedures.

Documents required for customs clearance of commercial sea or air cargo:

  • A clear copy of the air waybill, bill of lading or ocean bill of lading. We will request to add your printed name, signature, date and company seal on the back of the first original, and then forward it to our office. You can obtain this bill of lading from the supplier.
  • Complete FCL or LCL packaging declaration.
  • Commercial Invoice.
  • Packing List (if any)
  • Any certificate of origin or Free Trade Agreement (FTA) statement that may be applicable.
  • For any wooden packaging or transported items, a fumigation certificate should be presented.


An experienced expert is required to fully understand the frequently changing regulations and laws in Australian customs clearance. Our brokers have first-class industry experience and the latest knowledge to ensure that you always get the latest and professional advice. In addition to handling customs brokerage business, we also provide local import advice on the best routes and transportation methods for your transportation needs. Let our experts guide you through complex customs regulations.


A reputable cargo clearance agent will take a proactive approach to eliminate the guesswork in customs clearance costs. We achieve this goal by providing a well-researched customs clearance quote and avoiding any unnecessary customs fines. We will investigate all possible savings to ensure that the amount you pay does not exceed the required amount.


If you do not have the professional knowledge of customs clearance agents, you must deal with customs clearance regulations and cumbersome quarantine procedures. Let us free tedious and time-consuming tasks from your hands. We will meet all your documentation needs by preparing and storing paperwork, while providing strong communication channels to monitor your shipments.


All our customs brokers have passed the certification of the latest quarantine plan, which is essential to speed up the quarantine. This means that your goods will be delivered within the expected time to ensure that your business operations continue smoothly.


Biological products imported into the country are regulated by the Department of Agriculture. If your goods fall under quarantine regulations, they need to be inspected and possibly processed. To simplify the process, we can facilitate on-site customs and biosecurity inspections, and prepare documents and submit them to the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. Having an experienced cargo clearance agent like 3SIXTY5 FREIGHT AND CUSTOMS to handle your biosecurity clearance procedures can save you valuable time and money.